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Shiva Trust has been created to help Satguru Sri Ramana Devi fulfill her mission in the world. The Trust supports Sri Ramana by promoting her teachings, supporting people to meet her, and creating an environment in which as many souls as possible can benefit from the profound transformations of consciousness that are the natural occurrence in the Divine field that exists all around Sri Ramana.

In addition, the Shiva Trust carries out a wide variety of service and education projects in areas that are closest to Sri Ramana’s heart, namely: animal welfare, the promotion of Hinduism and Hindu philosophy, moral and spiritual development for children and young people, and the alleviation of poverty in the UK and worldwide.

Shiva Trust was created in the latter half of 2012. It’s formation has been the result of many many years of research, progress and meticulous preparation. Since the age of 18, Sri Ramana has devoted her life entirely to the pursuit of alleviating pain and suffering on this Earth. She achieves this most powerfully through her effortless ability to wake people up to the truth of the beauty that lies within the Soul of every being on the planet. As a devotional organization: The Shiva Trust recognizes Sri Ramana as a true Satguru, something of incredible rarity in this world, and in the case of a white Western female in this country, possibly without precedent.

A Satguru is a fully realized Soul. The power and magnitude of the presence of someone such as Sri Ramana can only really be appreciated through the benefit of first hand experience. The Shiva Trust aims to make this a reality for thousands and thousands of people. The Trust offers itself most humbly as an instrument through which we hope that Sri Ramana’s Divine Will and Love can reach as many Souls as possible on this Earth.

The primary goal of the Shiva Trust at present, concurrent with all of our continuing efforts to share Sri Ramana and support her areas of concern, is the creation of a New Advaita Vedanta Ashram in France – an Ashram, the like of which Europe has never before seen. Sri Ramana’s Ashram will be an unbelievable celebration of Divine Consciousness taking form in this world – a living breathing experience of Divine Love and Will in action.

Shiva Consciousness is the Divine Mind. It is a state of awareness in which no thoughts exist, in which one is effortlessly connected to the supreme reality that pervades all things. Through the grace of the presence in this world of Satguru Sri Ramana, the Shiva Trust aims to expand Shiva Consciousness until it fills the entire world!

Our starting point, was the 30 acre Ashram (Guru’s home) in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK (Closed Ashram, except once yearly Open Day for Animal Sanctuary Supporters).

We wish to see a world in which the natural flow of life runs unimpeded through all things – where a sense of ‘nature’ is never far from our experience, and the natural sense of joy and wonderment that is our birthright, wells effortlessly from the hearts of all. Please join us – together we are One.

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You can also visit ekaH Foundation, wholly owned by Shiva Trust Charity www.ekahfoundation.org

Pashupati Ashram, home to Satguru Sri Ramana Devi whilst in UK www.pashupatiashram.org


Shiva Trust Charity educates individuals & organisations about Self Realisation through the publications of Books, Courses, Videos, Classes. We are currently creating an Information Pack for Westerners about Philosophy and Practices in Partnership with Hindu Council UK, which includes How to Become a Hindu, Where to receive support about converting to Hinduism and is an informative resource for organisation’s wishing to learn about Western Hinduism.


Everybody is welcome to the most beautiful experience that is Satguru’s Divine Darshan, we hope that you can make it for Sri Ramana’s blessing on July 02nd 2017. Beginning at 11am until 2pm at VIDYA MATHA, 331 Burnley Road, Rush Bed, Rossendale, BB4 8LA, UK. Darshan is to be followed by a Sattvic Meal.

Darshan is always Free, and Open to All. Please see Sri Ramana Darshan Schedule here…

For more information about Satguru Sri Ramana Devi upcoming Darshan (Vision of the Divine) then please email at ramana@ramanadevi.org, or telephone 077927886272